12 K








We are doing a 12K marathon of your choice! That means walk, run, bike, or even swim a 12K (7.5 miles). Originally, BobcaThon had dancers stand for 12 hours to get a glimpse of how a child might feel in the moment with a chronic illness. We want to incorporate that with you getting outside and doing something active for the sake of the Ronald McDonald House families. We want to impact the Ronald McDonald House in the same ways we have in the past.

We need your help…

  1. Create a JustGiving page!

  2. Spread the word! Get your classmates, organizations and friends signed up!

  3. Start raising money! Your goal is $138 or higher, $1 for every room at the Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio (the biggest House in the world).

  4. Post on your socials, hit up your parent’s friends, Venmo request your friends to give you a dollar. Every penny counts! 

  5. Check out our website/social media if you need help with fundraising. We have lots of tips and tricks you can use.

What to do next…

  1. Get outside! Take a study break and prepare your body for your 12K in March! 

  2. Run, walk, bike, or swim your 12K marathon on March 20th.

  3. Send a picture of your mileage to by 3:30 pm EST Sunday, March 22st to get credit and add to your color team points!

  4. Get your laptops and phones ready for REVEAL at 4 pm EST on Sunday, March 21st!!!!

We are in this together! Whatever 2021 BobcaThon looks like, we thank you for being a part of this wonderful organization. Now, get going!


For The Kids Always,


Jackie Rothney & Rhi Lucas 

Co-Directors of Dance Marathon